The Tome of Orcus

A book dedicated to necromancy


You don’t know what it does, as you haven’t tried to use it…

You could do so much good with this power, no one would dare stand against your legions…


The tome is wrapped in darkly-tanned humanoid skin, and bears a black iron skull-topped-scepter on the cover. Within, you find the pages are made from human faces, tanned, and flattened, with the eyes, nose, and mouth all roughly sewn shut. The pages still appear surprisingly supple and well preserved. Infernal text has been etched into the faces, blood used for ink. The letters cause your eyes to hurt as you look upon them.

It weighs far less than one might expect, but handling the bedroll it’s wrapped in still leaves your hands with a deeper cold than the snow around you…

The Tome of Orcus

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