The City of Splendors*

Just yesterday, The Wayfinders were lamenting a week of security lockdown within Castle Waterdeep, following an assassination attempt in broad daylight. They were finally brought into a lunch meeting with the Open Lord, and his guest, Lady Kristi Belabranta (wife of Lord Huld Belabranta, house patriarch.) She asked Piergeiron to enlist the City’s aid in rescuing her daughter Kyrenna from herself Daggerford. It turns out that the young heiress had run off to be with/save her lover, Neiran Jardeth, who had been “convinced” to go adventuring by his older brother.

So now, with the lovers reunited, the party has decided to go Dragon Hunting. It’s a little one… All of eight feet from snoot to tail. Shouldn’t be much trouble, right?


*Some splendors may not match your definition of splendor.

Finding paths in Waterdeep

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